This photo is doing well on tumblr, so far it's clocked up 1397 reblogs and likes.

Inspiration for the picture came from watching a few of their videos before going to the gig, and noticing how they liked using a prism effect. As luck would have it I had an original prism filter in the draw. Mojo were brave enough to include the photo in the live review.


More landscape winter shots; taken near a town called Morillon in the French Northern Alps. All shot with my lovely Hasselblad and an old Leica IIIF.

Jack Rose

Jack Rose at the Luminaire, London. 2007

Jack Rose at the Buffalo Bar, London. 14th February 2006.

The Cotswolds

Destroy Your Negatives

I'm slightly obsessed with time, so had fun making this. Going against the popular myth that negatives are precious, as is time; thought I'd see what happened when you soaked, froze, and scratched a 5x4 negative. Interesting results I must say, potential here for something weird.


Another version using ink to make the marks.

The colour versions of this photo started off life as a black and white negative. After doing my best to 'ruin' it by freezing the neg in a solid block of ice for a couple of days before processing, I thought I could take it a few steps further. Soaking the neg in yellow water colour paint and refreezing it, or dripping ink onto the emulsion seems to have done the trick. Because it's a negative, all things are opposite; yellow becomes blue. Moral of the story is; well there isn't one really, but experimenting is good. No point repeating what you already know.

The nice folks at The Print Space were good enough to include these photos in their blog.

Bleach Bypass

When I'm not photographing bands I go back to my first love, which is photographing landscapes and cityscapes. Being a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to photography I like to do all my personal work using film and, dare I say it, mechanical cameras! Shocking I know, but I figure it's good for my brain to keep in touch with a process that involves a more hands on approach. I also like to do things a bit differently when I can, so I've been working on a chemical process for bleach bypassing; a process where the colour saturation of a film is altered so that the image sits between black and white and colour. It's what you would call an alternative process. They're isn't really an established way of doing this like normal film development, so anybody that processes their film this way has to make up their own method. Bleach bypassing is usually associated with the movie industry and has been used in films like Saving Private Ryan and 1984.

Brixton Bleach Bypass

London Eye

Untitled photo


Amjad Ali Khan

Just done some pictures for a new classical music site called Sinfini. First job for them was covering Wigmore Hall's late night series, with music provided by Amjad Ali Khan, followed by the Dorian Ford Trio.

Clock Opera

Been listening to this band for a while now, and recently I was lucky enough to take some pics of them. I reckon it's worth checking out the album.

Battles featuring Gary Numan

The Monsoon Bassoon

Digging around in my one of many boxes of prints I discovered these pictures. I just like 'em so they're going up. Another top band from the late 90's.


The guitarist in the photos above, Kavus Torabi is now in a band called Knifeworld.

Part Chimp

One of those bands that makes your ears ring for days.

Paper Negatives

Having fun using paper negatives instead of film.

Scissors srossicS

Mirrors srorriM

Spoons snoopS

Time emiT

Winter in Richmond

Fog at Night

Thought it'd be interesting to take some night pics; as luck would have it the fog rolled in. Here are a few shots to look at. They were taken in Old Deer Park, which is in Richmond. A fairly unremarkable park it has to be said, but with the fog and glow from a near by road it's transformed into something way beyond suburban.

Exploring the Thames Beach

These are just a few photos of a new project I'm starting. All black and white hand prints of the 'beach' area that runs along the banks of the River Thames in London. It's muddy, dirty, smelly and charming.


During a recent trip to Iceland, I grabbed a few hours out from photographing the Music Mess Festival to get some landscape shots of the area that surrounds Reykjavik. You can check out this, and other landscape shots on my flickr page.

The Futureheads at Bizarre Ball 2011.

Bizarre Magazine sent me down to their Bizarre Ball at the Scala this year for some audience participation. Here are their galleries.



Manic Street Preachers

This photo of Nicky Wire from the Manics is one of my favourites. Check out the rest of their pictures.


I saw Hovercraft way back in the late 90's at a venue called The Garage in North London (now called The Relentless Garage.)
This is the first post in my blog as it's the first time I photographed a gig and got anything decent :) It's also when I decided that music photography is what I wanted to do.
There's some useful info about the band here:

Hovercraft - Angular Momentum

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